K-Tape, The Evolution of Sports Medicine

Have you ever seen athletes wearing bright colored tape in different designs?  What is this for, and what’s up with all the different designs?  The tape is known as K Tape, and each design serves a different purpose

Also known as, Elastic Therapeutic Tape, K-Tape is used to relieve muscle pains throughout your body.  What makes these tapes different then other athletic tapes out there is the wave pattern on the tape.  This pattern allows the skin to get lifted which helps reduce swelling and inflammation underneath the skin.  Also the lifting effect helps improve blood flow and circulation through the affected area.

K-Tape was made popular through the Beijing Olympics in the summer of 2008.  50,000 rolls were donated to all the athletes and many names such as Lance Armstrong, Serena Williams, and Kerri Walsh were among the few using the tape.  Below is a link to the Muller Sports Medicine site that has videos up on how to use the tape properly.


So is this the evolution of athletic tape?…It sure seems like it…come into Sports Line to check out the tape and witness the evolution yourself.