Travel and leisure in The ussr Becomes Well-liked by Tourists

The new legislation of visa-free regime for tourists coming from certain countries including Russian federation has been created by the Russian tourism agency” Rostrodny” in addition to the Russian national tourism company “Federal Enterprise”. The cooperation of both the agencies is anticipated to be beneficial for the development of travel in Italy and in another country. According to the National Enterprise virtual data room “Rostrodny” could attract even more foreign visitors and investment in the country and create different job opportunities for Russian people in various tasks of communications, infrastructure and entertainment. The organization emphasized this description now all legal procedures for visa putting on tourists right from selected countries are handled by that.

According to Olga Shulygin, director of Rostrodny a many Russian and foreign travelers visit Spain each year. Besides attracting overseas investors in to the country, most of them also go to the places through which they are interested. They meet various business men and representatives in the travel around agencies and spend time in their premises. With respect to Olga Shulygin, “it is the main task to bring in all the features and give quick access to all areas, so that persons from across the world can easily come and explore the beauty and appeal of Russia”.

According to the brain of Russian Federation Travel Company “MVD” Olga Shulygin, “people out of all over the world come to visit Russian federation and most of these make a purchase of products or check out Russia’s terrific and superb resorts”. The top of Federal government Enterprise “Tsvetnoy Development” Vasily Yarovskiy also welcomes international investors and says this description now everything is going according to plan. This individual notes that now there are not any restrictions upon travel companies in providing head to packages to Russia and that the work of marketing the products of Russian travel and leisure agencies and travel companies can be successfully finished. Besides, he says the fact that development of travel in Russia will be good only if persons know about it.